Jamna Vidyapeeth

  • Affiliated to CBSE ,School Code: 16847& Affiliation No.:1730857

Who we are

Jamna Vidyapeeth is a fully comprehensive co-education English medium Secondary School affiliated to CBSE (School Code:16847 & Affiliation No.:1730857) . It is established on 29, April; 2015 by shri Meer Singh Choudhary in memory of Late Smt. Jamna Devi Gajraj under the auspices of the Jamna Devi Shiksha Sansthan. JVP seeks to impart modern education in a traditional, innovative and creative framework. Our school provides education to boys and girls from grade Nursery to grade X.

We encourage our students to involve themselves in the broad co-curricular program . We give plenty of opportunities to expose their talent on the stage in a confident way, participate withy enthusiasm and zeal on the sporting field. Our faculty play a vital role in holistic development of each student. We will instill a love for new learning . We love to give them the opportunity to develop their talents and skills through the arts, community and athletic venues . We believe in praising children instead of pampering them.

Philosophy of the school

Jamna Vidyapeeth was founded in the month of April 2015. It is an co-education English medium Secondary School, to be affiliated to the Central Board of secondary education, New Dehli (School Code:16847 & Affiliation No.:1730857). This school run by the Jamna Devi Shikshan Sansthan. We believe in the dignity and worth of each student and recognize the importance of his/her responsibilities to the world community We believe that all youth should have equal opportunities for education, consistent with their individual capabilities and with their personal and social needs. We nurture students to be confident, sellf sufficient, kind, honest have independent thought process and a never ending urge of learning.

“When educating the minds
of our youth we must not
forget to educate
their hearts.”


  • To help student advance technologically without compromising our rich values.

  • To nurture the latent talent of the scholars

  • To instill a sense of pride in one's own achievements.

  • To help the child to become self confident, committed & diligent.

  • To promote the involvement of student with social concerns of the community.

  • To inculcate in the student the ability to work as a team.